Investment consultants/Investment brokers

The correct and discrete placement of investment properties, based on detailed knowledge of the requirements of the market players, assures optimum success.


Expert assessment of market risks, building of heterogeneous portfolio structures and acquisition expertise in all sections of the property market require extensive experience, market proximity and comprehensive networking.

Property development

Buildings function from the inside. Experience of lettability and suitability for third parties as well as tenant's requirements in respect of modern office buildings are the basis of vital competitive advantage.

Project management

Quality control and permanent presence backup forward cover, cost assurance and satisfied user. That is the key to success.

Property management

The preservation of a property is firstly to lock after the tenant and then to focus on a modern facility management to decrease the maintenance costs.


The Value of a property is not the addition of construction cost but the market price which is a purchaser prepared to pay. The detailed market knowledge is instrumental for the quality of valuation.